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Switch Serie 5000


Add the Ethernet Routing Switch 5000 in the data center, the network core, and in wiring closets. From any location, these switches deliver highly-available Ethernet connectivity for delay-sensitive and business-critical data and voice applications. In the wiring closet, the ERS 5000 is a ready path to network convergence with PoE, QoS, and optional 10 Gig uplinks. At the core, the active/active failover and advanced Layer 3 routing services make for a cost-effective solution for small and midsize environments. In the data center, the routing switch can be a 1 Gigabit top-of-rack solution to connect servers across racks and increase server-to-server performance.

1. Improve Application Responsiveness High-performance, virtual hot-swap capability along with industry-leading resilient stacking enhances and optimizes application responsiveness.

2. Versatile Stacking Solution Available in multiple models supporting 10/100/1000 connectivity and 10GbE uplinks, the Ethernet Routing Switch 5000 Series can flexibly address a range of advanced enterprise needs, including switch clustering, horizontal stacking, and aggregation.


3. Lower Your Total Cost of Ownership As a price-per-port leader for resilient, high-performance Gigabit Ethernet, the Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch 5000 Series keeps TCO low.

    Detalles del switch:

  • 96 puertos 100/1000BASE-T, además de 6 puertos compartidos 1000BaseT/SFP
  • 96 puertos con soporte IEEE 802.3 en PoE
  • 2 puertos 10GBase-XFP
  • Apilamiento de hasta 8 unidades (soporte para combinación de apilamientos ERS 5500/ERS 5600)
  • Rendimiento de apilamiento: 144Gbps por switch; 1.152Tbps por apilamiento
  • Sistema CPU: 667Mhz
  • Memoria del sistema: 64MB Flash, 256MB DRAM
  • Capacidad de conmutación y rango de transferencia: 384Gbps / 173Mpps
  • Dimensiones:

    • Alto: 2U or 87.4mm / 3.44”
    • Ancho: 438mm / 17.25”
    • Profundidad: 368mm / 14.5”
    • Peso:

      • 15.2kg / 33.4lb
      • Potencia:

        • Equipado con un suministro de corriente alterna de 1000 watt
        • Opción de segundo suministro interno de corriente para redundancia o un PoE adicional